Plan A Wedding & Still Want to Get Married

Someone once told me that planning a wedding is a preview of what your marriage will be like. Planning a wedding puts your relationship under a microscope then throws budgets and bouquets at it until you break. Wedding planning is sometimes fun, sometimes stressful, and money will be the root of most heated discussions. If the bridezilla on your left shoulder is starting to overpower the angelic bride on your right, allow me to pass on some of my nuptial knowledge.

Divorce Is The New Black

Forget stiletto manicures and juice cleanses, the latest trend seems to be divorce. Ben & Jen, Blake & Miranda, Kermit & Miss Piggy. When even puppets are dividing their assets you know the trend has reached the masses. My dad likes to tell a joke. What is the number one cause of divorce? Marriage. Very funny Daddy-o but with the ink barely dry on my marriage certificate I have to wonder if my own happy ending is doomed as well.